Deal Pentecostal Church

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Our Church Values (2)
The fervent prayer of a Believer is powerful and effective. We pray in confidence, with boldness and in faith, knowing that we can receive anything from God if we ask according to His will.
Pentecostal Power - Holy Spirit Baptism:
God wants us to be continually overflowing with the Holy Spirit who empowers Believers to live a victorious, overcoming and faith-full Christian life.
Pledge of a Good Conscience - Water Baptism:
God has saved us to live in His blessings of health, wealth and wisdom. Water baptism of Believers is a pledge of a good conscience and an important part of our salvation.
Proportional Giving:
Tithing is the normal minimum giving for Christians and is much more than just the physical act of giving to the church. Tithing is bringing cheerfully and in faith, the first 10% of our income into the storehouse (that is, the place that spiritually feeds us). We also give Freewill Offerings or Love Offerings, as a practical way of saying “thank you” to God. It is normal for us to take up a Freewill Offering to support visiting Speakers who minister to us.