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My God Works Miracles!
I know that my God works miracles because of what He has done for me.
My left wrist and hand was bent with arthritis and very painful. At my Church, the preacher said that God was going to heal a painful arm and wrist. Suddenly I felt as if an elastic band was released in my arm - the pain went and my fingers were released. They are still free today!
In 2000 I had arthritis in my ankles and was unable to walk for any distance. My legs were always swollen and I was in a lot of pain. We had a visiting preacher at our Church who said God was going to heal someone’s ankles. When he prayed for me, the pain and the swelling went. I can still remember my joy the next morning when I woke up with no pain in my ankles – the first time in years!    
Olive Wager
Olive was promoted to glory on 4th April 2016 aged 87. She was a faithful and active member of the Evangelical Church at Mill Hill and then also our Church after we moved here. We remember Olive with gratefulness and pray that her testimony will continue to produce fruit for many years to come.
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