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My Heavenly Father

Born and raised in a Christian family, I learned to love Jesus as a child. I responded explicitly to his love when I was about 7 yrs old, when I learned the song ‘Jesus, I love you above all things’.
Not long after this, a crisis struck my family and I got separated from my father and brothers. I felt left alone, but instantly made this decision: ‘God, from now on, I want You to be my Father.’ And He was there beside me, in every small and great thing of my childhood.
When I was 14, I was at a youth meeting where I started to cry and cry… I felt a pain in my heart which I had never realized was there. God told me that evening that He was going to take away all the pain and sadness from my heart and that He was going to give me His joy in return. Four years later I looked back at my diary and said: “it looks as if I have never ever witnessed anything bad in my life!” My classmates even asked me: ‘Why are you always so joyful?’
I now know that I could have grown up as an emotional wreck; I could have gone an awfully wrong way, but my Heavenly Father picked me up and still gives me His joy as my strength for every day of my life.
Liesbeth  Vinkesteijn-Stalmans
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