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Now I am sure I will go to heaven!
I was brought up in a loving family and went to Sunday School with my brother and sister. My parents took us to Church but I never really understood the love God had for me until after I was married.
My husband & I went to a meeting for young people and I heard that God required a response from me. The question was asked: Are you sure you would go to heaven and be with God, when you die? I knew that I wasn’t sure, but when I went home that night I asked God to forgive me. I knew straight away that Jesus had become my Lord and Saviour.
There began such a change in my life that other people noticed and I felt so different in myself and in my attitude towards others. Jesus is now the centre of my life and I love to sing songs to God that express my love for Him. I enjoy reading the Bible and find that it teaches me more about God and the way that He wants me to live my life. As I pray, I know God hears and answers me and that He helps me. Church is now a place where I go and enjoy the Presence of God and meet with others who know Him.
Because I know God and He is with me now, I am able to say with confidence  Yes, I do know God and I will be with Him in heaven.  
Margaret Fermor
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