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Why did I become a Christian?

I always had a belief in God since I was young. When I was a teenager I attended Church occasionally and prayed the Lord’s Prayer before I went to sleep most nights. I would not consider myself a bad person and I had plenty of friends.

When at University I remember watching TV when an advert about the end of the world came on and it made me incredibly fearful of death. So much so that I wanted to go and speak with a Youth Pastor that I had met through a friend. He explained to me that I did not have a personal relationship with God and therefore I did not have definite assurance that I was going to Heaven. This was why I was so fearful of death. After this was explained to me I read a section of the bible and it sounded like beautiful poetry. It had a profound effect on me and I decided that I wanted to know God personally like a friend. That was when I became a Christian.

Since then I have got to know him well and I have even received the baptism of the Holy Spirit which means that God empowers me. I have been through many things and it has been so important to me that I have had God to talk to and that he will never leave me. I know that he has helped me many times and I have confidence in saying he will always do that for me as well as knowing I will be allowed into Heaven when I die. J C

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