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God loves us so much!
My sisters and I saw in our parents something of God’s love that was real and alive.  For them the Bible was more than a doctrinal guidebook, it was a way of life, living in faith.
When I was about fifteen something happened that I’ve never forgotten.  I was on my way home after spending an evening at a friend’s house and noticed the sky was a vivid red - it looked as though it was on fire. The unusual sight had brought neighbours out to look at this amazing sight. Suddenly I was gripped by fear, and raced home as fast as I could. I wanted to make sure Jesus had not returned and taken my parents and Christian friends to heaven. I was afraid I was left behind! That may sound silly but the Bible tells us that Jesus will return to take His people with Him and we need to be ready.
Over the years I had let the Lord down many times, this makes me sad because I know He is always there for me and will never leave me. It’s not enough for me to just believe the Bible, I fill my mind with it so the Holy Spirit can transform me and make me the person God intended.  Now my sisters and I know Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour. He loves us so much, and this is where our true identity can be found, in being loved by Him.  
Geraldine Farugia

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