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My life in His hands

One of my earliest memories was of being is a Church with lots of kids and all of us carrying a candle—it was magical! After that I attended Sunday School and it was somewhere that I felt safe and secure. At the age of 6, I moved with my family to West Sidcup but little did I know that my future husband lived in the same road! I went to school with his sister and we all attended the Maranatha Free Church, which I really enjoyed, but I still hadn’t really understood the importance of God in my life. Tony and I got married in 1982 at the Maranatha Free Church. We worked hard but have had a very bumpy ride and many difficult times. We moved quite a few times and eventually moved to France but this was a very lonely and frightening time in our lives. It was at this time when things went really bad for us—I prayed hard for a solution and the answer soon came. We arrived back in England with very little money and no home but soon Tony was offered a job with his previous employer and we rented a house right across the road from Deal Pentecostal Church. Since then God has mapped out His plan for us—it hasn’t always been easy but on looking back I can see why! I feel I have come home now and feel safe in His hands. My only wish is that my wider family would come to believe and see that God’s way is the only way!

Judy D

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