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Our Church Values (3)
Prophetic Ministry Gifts:
God has given to the Church the public Ministry Gifts of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors & Teachers, to train, equip, edify, unite and mature us. Ministers who have these callings are regularly invited to speak at our Church in order to complement the Ministry Gifts of our Pastor and Church Leadership. God has also given to the Church gifts to help us, such as, leadership ability, encouragements, serving others, miracles, healings and showing kindness to others etc. (Rom.12/1Cor.`12). We expect these gifts to be in operation in our Church.
Pastoral Care:
The Church leaders are committed to serving you and make themselves freely available. In the same way, the Church leaders ask that you commit yourself to them. However, we do not have dominion over another person’s faith. This means that the Church leaders do not have authority in your home and family unless you request it. We can show you a better way of living, but you are responsible to God for yourself and must answer to Him for your own actions. Church leaders are appointed to equip and release you to serve God, not control you. Our desire is for every Church member to grow into maturity and to be able to minister the Gospel effectively. We want our  ordinary members to be, and to do, something extra-ordinary for God.
“We are guides into God's most sublime secrets,
not security guards posted to protect them.” 1Cor.4:1 TM