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Sickness brought me closer to God!
I recently suffered from headaches and was sent for a C.T. scan. The doctors thought I had a mini- stroke as I felt giddy and was unable to talk coherently. I prayed to God about my situation and the results were OK. This event brought me closer to the Lord and I know that He is there all the time. Some years ago I suffered with cataracts in both eyes. After surgery it was wonderful to see again but later my vision became all blurred again because the lenses had closed over. I went for laser treatment and I can now read without glasses.
Although the doctors conducted the surgery I know it was Jesus who healed me because the Bible says I am the Lord who heals you (Ex.15:26). When you live on your own it is wonderful to be able to turn to the Lord. I know that He listens to me, He lifts me up, He lives in me and He will never leave me.
Doris Bradford
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