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Church Training Course

Purpose: To equip Christians to be effective ministers in their home, place of work and beyond by helping them study the scriptures, proclaim Christ and pursue holiness. We proclaim him, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ. Col.1:28

Preparation:  Look at the study subject, read the Bible verses given, read the recommended booklets provided and answer the questions. (NB some questions may require a short essay style response.)

Watch an episode of the T.L.Osborn "Christ Connection - Miracle" series dvd (or as mp3).

ModelInspiration ResponseActionCredibility LegalityExperience.

Acts 1:1-4 - the basis of Christianity -

7 facts for our faith, 7 essentials to simplify the Gospel,

7 ideals to lift your spirit and nourish your faith for when life is difficult,

7 principles in Christian living.

(Optional) Research the subject further

It is recommended that you meet informally at least once a month in small groups and discuss your work.

Review:  The answers will be discussed in a group forum

The 12 subjects to be covered are from the AoG Statement of Faith:

1. The Bible; 2. God; 3. Jesus; 4. Mankind and original sin; 5. New Birth;

6. Water Baptism of Believers; 7. Holy Spirit Baptism; 8. Gifts of the Holy Spirit;

9. Holiness; 10. Healing; 11. Breaking of Bread; 12. The Future – heaven and hell.

Training Course Questions

For other useful reading material (Click Here)

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