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Heaven’s Huntsman!
I can always remember being interested in country pursuits and started horse riding for my Duke of Edinburgh Award, when I was 15. I had made a personal commitment to Jesus Christ a year earlier, being concerned about my eternal future. I knew there was a real hell and didn't want to go there but did not know how to get to heaven! Whilst listening to a Christian radio broadcast, I heard an Evangelist explain how to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. I started to believe  - it was so simple.
After completing A levels at school, I started work in the local Hunt Kennels and then went on to make my career in Field Sports, becoming Huntsman of the Dartmoor Hunt for 12 years.
In 1974, I met my future wife and we were married the next year. We grew as Christians seeing God's Word work in our lives. When God challenged us to offer our whole lives to Him, including my career, we said, Yes Lord. He then called us into full time employed service for God. After training, we pastored a Church in Suffolk for 3 years before moving to Somerset to pioneer a Church in Bridgwater, which we pastored for 5 years. In 1999 we moved to Kent to pastor a Church in Deal. Since then, we have seen God move powerfully in our own lives. God has used us to minister to hundreds of people in the UK and overseas.
God always keeps His promises and has provided for our every need. God’s timing is always right on time never just in time! Learning to daily trust Him is perhaps the most important part of our Christian life.
Paul Fermor
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