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Alive & Relevant

Have you ever read a book that seems ordinary and lifeless but when you read it again its words have real meaning to you?

That's what happened to me. I was given a Gideon Bible at school but when I read it, it was “flat” - just words on a page to me! Later, at college, I went along to a Christian Union meeting  and accepted a leaflet. As I read it, I realised that my behaviour, thoughts and words were not up to God's standards. I asked Jesus to be my friend, asking that with His help, I would live a godly rather than just good life. I became a Christian — a follower of Christ.

I was 18 when I became a Christian. Up to that point, I would have called myself a good person — my family brought me up with good manners. I was a person of good character. But even good people still need God, still need a Saviour. Although my actions, thoughts and words were acceptable by mine and societies point of view, they were NOT acceptable to God. There are no minor sins like unkindness, ungratefulness, rudeness, selfishness etc to God. The Bible says that ALL have sinned and fallen short of His expectations and His standards.

Is that the end of the story? No! Being a Christian is not a one-off event. I went to Church to learn about my new friend Jesus and how the teaching in the Bible is still relevant to life today. I went to a bible study group where more informal teaching could be given. I could ask questions without feeling embarrassed and learn from the lives and experiences of others, hearing how belief in God made a difference to their thinking.

Later I was water baptised by full immersion and it was a great way to show others the commitment I had made to following Jesus and his teachings and served as a marker, if you like, of a new beginning.

The Bible writes: “A fool says in his heart there is no God”.

My prayer is that God will not be calling you a fool.       

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