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We have a lot of other resources especially Pentecostal History that are available upon request

The Broad and Narrow Way

Are you famous yet?

Napoleon on the Divinity of Christ

New Creation Realities

Congregational Worship

Pentecostal Rays (George Jeffries)

How Christians can be superstitious (Andrew Corbett)

Latter Rain (extracts from TB Barratt)

Battle of Sexes (headship and submission)

Song of Songs (Andrew Corbett)

End the Confusion about Inner Healing

Glory (Ruth Heflin) Praise, Worship

The Star of Bethlehem (Humphreys)

How Pentecost came to Los Angeles

Azusa Street Stories

Changed Lives (Barratt & Williams)

Did Jesus pray with a head-covering?

History of Congregational Worship

Little David Miracle Boy Preacher   

Christ in all the Scriptures

Roadkill Grill!

A Quick Summary of the Bible by Greg Koukl (MP4)

Christian Comics: Corrie Ten Boom;  Johnny Cash;

Brother Andrew;  Paul the Apostle;  

Chuck Colson Born Again;  Jesus;  Hansi ; Gospel Blimp;  

My Brothers Keeper; Dallas Cowboys;