Deal Pentecostal Church

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Our Church  Values (1)
Preaching and Teaching the Bible:
The Bible is the basis of everything we believe and testifies of Jesus, who is the Word of God. God’s Word is spirit and life. It is active and works in us who believe because faith comes from hearing the Word of God proclaimed.
Prevailing Faith:
Prevail means “to win through, to take the crown, to overcome”. Faith is the complete confidence in God and His Word. It is prevailing faith that overcomes and keeps us in victory. Maturity comes from the testing of our faith. We are blessed if we persevere and don’t give up.
Presence of God:
God can be known personally and to know Him is eternal life. God lives in us by the Holy Spirit and in His Presence, miracles become normal, prayers are answered and love for Jesus deepens.
Passionate Love for God:
Our love for God will be extreme if we have been forgiven much. God wants us to be totally absorbed with Him and His will.
Praise, Worship and Glory:
Our objective in Praise and Worship is to express our love for Jesus, so our songs are based on Scripture and very Jesus centred. As we spend time appreciating God, it is easy to hear Him speak to us. We determine to know and appreciate God’s glory or His “tangible Presence”.