Deal Pentecostal Church

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What we teach
At Deal Pentecostal Church we emphasise that God loves us, is with us and is for us.One of the Names of Jesus is Emmanuel which means God is with us (Matt.1:23). God has promised to make His home with us, to live with us for ever and to never leave us. (John 14:23; Col.1:27; Heb.13:5)
Here is a summary of our Core Values:
Love for Jesus: We have a relationship with Jesus and a dependence on Him as the Son of God, for which we give thanks in unashamed private and public praise that reflects our appreciation of Him– His worth-ship! That is why we sing and pray with passion & exuberance.

Love for God’s Word: All the Bible is trueJn.10:35 and points to Jesus.Jn.5:39 It is an insight into God’s character and values;Ps.119:11 a manual for right and blessed living. The Word of God really works in us who believe.1Thes.2:13 That is why we read and study the Bible together, use the “Visual Bible” and learn a Scripture verse each month.

Love for each other: Our relationship with others (which will be different for each of us) is expressed with affection and concern – we care for one another enough to pray for and help each other. That is why we greet each other warmly, fellowship around refreshments & meals and share our resources

Love for the people of the world: We witness to others, through our conversation, behaviour & attitude, about God’s glory, goodness and love. This witness is rooted in our indebtedness to God for His love and grace toward us. That is why we desire to honour God at all times and accurately represent God so others can know Him too!

Love for life – now and for ever: We realise that this life is a gateway to eternity and our response to God now determines what happens when we die. We have already been blessed with every spiritual blessing so we aim to be a blessing to others. That is why we enjoy God but take Him seriously. We really are too blessed to be stressed!