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Deal Pentecostal Church


From the Simplest of Words

My life story is built on the simplest of words - Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so. That song I sang in Sunday School some 50 years ago, still resonates in me now as we sing it in church today.

Growing from a child to an adult, the depth of understanding about these words has grown because I realise how much Jesus loves me. A baby born to a loving mum feels her love, feeds and sleeps securely. It grows to a young child, learning to say  “love you mummy”. As a teen, learning that mum and dad cares, loves, shares life, gives presents and pay the bills. Then as a young adult, learns that mum and dad love them, supporting them in setting up their own home and still sharing joys, stresses and sadness’s of their life. Now they understand more of the cost of that love, knowing how to return that love and how to love others.

In much the same way growing up with Jesus doesn’t make everything easy, good, or straightforward. But learning through all of life’s rejections, problems and anxieties that there is a Heavenly Father who can hug me on the inside when I cry, who never turns His back on me, never lies to me, who can be there when no-one else can be, and who helps me understand what truth is, who can help the family stay together, is an unbelievable privilege and wonder.

It’s not through naïveness or insecurity that I believe in a Heavenly Father. My belief has been proven through His dependability, miracles, wonder of nature and above all through human nature itself.     Joy Crick




















































































































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