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Deal Pentecostal Church


What a Friend…

When I was just fifteen years old my sister introduced me to her best friend. He has had an amazing influence on my life because he became my best friend too. As I look back on the last 67 years he has been the one person who has stuck with me through thick and thin.

I was fortunate in having a happy marriage and four beautiful children, but like most of us, life hasn’t always been plain-sailing. There have been financial and family worries and also bereavements to contend with. Within a space of a few years I lost my 25 year old son, my husband and then my mother.

I am so glad that my sister introduced me to her best friend when I was young. His name by the way is Jesus. Not only has he forgiven me all the mistakes and wrong things that I have done, but He has kept the promise that He gave me – that He would always be with me and never leave me and that when the time comes for me to die, He has prepared a place in heaven. What a wonderful Friend!!!

Daphne Forrester

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