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Deal Pentecostal Church


Subject: Holiness

Statement of Faith: We believe in holiness of life and conduct in obedience to the command of God (1 Pet. 1:14-16; Heb. 12:14; 1 Thess. 5:23; 1 John 2:6).

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Questions (Download as pdf)

1. What is the nature of God described in 1Pet.1:16?

2. What is the nature of a Believer described in 1Cor.1:30 and 1Cor.6:11

3. List the various aspects of holiness in  a. Gen.2:3 b. Ex.13:2 c. Ex.19:10 d. Ex.28:3

4. What are the 2 basic elements by which Believers are made holy in: a. 1Pet.1:2; 1Pet.3:18; 1Cor.6:11 b. Jn.17:17

5. Is there a difference between being holy and living a holy life (cf Rom.6:19; 6:22; 2Cor.7:11; 2Pet.1:4)? Please explain your answer

6. David Powell in “The Doctrine of Holiness” says: Those people who say that they are saved and belong to Christ and are dirty, dishevelled and undisciplined, are a disgrace to the name of Christ, because this is contrary to decency. Do you agree with him? Please explain your answer.

7. G.Canty (Why Make Christianity So Hard?) explains the Bible phrase (Lev.16:29) 'afflict your souls' (KJV). The NIV doesn't say "afflict" but 'deny yourselves'. The actual Hebrew says 'humble yourselves, deny yourselves, fast', and when we ask what we should fast from, the answer is – from work! "You must not do any work … it is a Sabbath of rest'. No workaholics! ... Sweat is evidence of hard work and God doesn't want it to be hard work to come to Him. Strenuous effort and hard searching only give us something to boast about, and it doesn't look good about God as if He is sullen, indifferent, playing hide and seek with us as if He didn't want us to find Him. That is not the Bible God. It is the God only of mystics waiting and straining to hear Him. The Lord did not say "Labour pleases me" His favourites are not masochists wearing hair-shirts. The Word is "Call upon Him while He may be found". The Bible is the world's happiest book. It took me time to adjust my perspectives to take in the whole Bible landscape.  The Bible God needs no finding, no chasing. He is the God who does the finding; "Adam, where are you?" We can't claim the credit when we know Him – He found us.   Do you think that you have adjusted your perspectives to take in the whole Bible landscape?

8. Andrew Corbett says: It borders on obscene for a church to think it can evangelise its community when its homes are devoid of parental discipleship. We need to see Christians overthrowing principalities and powers by winning the hearts and minds of a society. This requires stable, well-socialised, Biblically-literate, Spirit-filled believers who have been discipled by their parents in their family home growing up to take positions of influence in the Law, Politics, Academia, Media, the Arts, and Industry. Discipleship involves a depth of Biblical understanding, a commitment to prayer, how to fellowship (which involves training in forgiveness and reconciliation) and the development of spiritual gifts. How well do you fit the description “stable, well-socialised, Biblically-literate, Spirit-filled Believer”? That is the aim of our Church and especially the training School!

1. T.L.Osborn says that once we are saved we only have one mission, which is the mission Jesus had: to show us God and to show us ourselves. Do you think he is right? Please explain your answer

2. T.L.Osborn also says that we should speak for God reverently, confidently and with faith and that when we declare God’s Word, He is in our words. If we are a “spokesperson” for God, we can say that we come from God and speak for God because He has entrusted us with the Gospel (1Tim.1:11; Titus 1:3; Is.50:4). What does this mean to you? Do you think that you are doing this?

3. What do you think that T.L.Osborn means when he says that “Healing is not in Christ’s Atonement but in Christ’s Redemption”?

4. Do you think that you will face your past sins at “the Judgement Day” or has God removed and expunged your sins, never to remember them ever again? Please explain your answer

Learn Jesus words. Learn nice sentences to say to people. Let people know that they can run with us and we will do them good.

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