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Deal Pentecostal Church


Subject: Healing

Statement of Faith: We believe that deliverance from sickness, by Divine Healing is provided for in the Atonement.  (Isa. 53:4-5, Matt. 8:16-17, James 5:13-16).

Recommended Reading (pdf click here)  

Questions (Download as pdf)

1. What is God’s name in Exodus 15:26 and what is God’s promise to His people?

2. Do you think that sickness is the result of sin? If so, whose sin? Please explain your answer (Canty’s Does God Hurt to Heal? is helpful)

3. What is the link between sickness & sin in the following verses? Rom.5:12; Luke 5:22-26; Exodus 23:25; Rev.21:1-4; Ps.103:1-5

4. In Matthew 10:1-8, Mark 16:16-20,  a. What was Jesus command to his disciples?  b. What promises are made to those who preach the gospel?

c. Who is responsible for laying hands on the sick?  d. Who is responsible for exercising faith?

5. In James 5:13-16   a. what instructions are given to Christians who are: i. In trouble? ii. Happy? iii. Sick?  b. Whose responsibility is it to pray in faith?  c. What does the Lord promise to do?

2. Is healing really as simple as “praying in faith” or “claiming God’s promises”? Please explain your answer especially with reference to Paul’s teaching (Rom.8:11; 2Cor.1:20;12:12; 1Thes.2:13; 2Thes.1:11) and the experiences of Dorcus (Acts 9:37), Paul (Gal.4:13-14), Trophimus (2Tim.4:20), Timothy (1Tim.5:23), Epaphroditus (Phil.2:25-30), the Christians at Corinth (1Cor.11:30; 2Cor.5:1-5).

3. In Cornwall’s Basics of Healing, he lists 4 types of healing: Natural, Medicinal, Attitudinal and Divine. Do you agree with these categories? Please explain your answer.

4. How much responsibility do we have for our own health? (i.e. should we expect health problems if we don’t live “healthily”? or will God keep us healthy anyway? Is it alright to drink coffee, tea, alcohol or consume meat and dairy products? Do we all have to be “fitness fanatics” to look after our bodies? Should we take medicines? (see 1Cor.3:16;9:27; 2Cor.7;1; 1Tim.4:8) What about medicines which have dangerous side-effects?

5. Has God healed you? What is the evidence that it was God who healed you?

6. Is spiritual healing more important than physical healing? Please explain your answer.

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